Founded by Nurse Practitioner Debora Webster-Bain in late 2016, KT Skin Rejuvenation was established with a mission to build happiness and self-confidence in Melbourne men and women

A bit about Debora

Freshening up tired, darkening or ageing skin under the guidance of a fully qualified and ethical Nurse Practitioner. She is one of only 2,000 trained and qualified Nurse Practitioners in Australia, which authorizes her to prescribe medications, diagnose and treat patients, without the involvement of a doctor.

Medical Experience

In an industry where services are too often delivered by a certificate-qualified junior beautician or where excessive over done treatments are done, Debora's expertise and Masters qualifications sets her apart from the typical skincare salon, ensuring her clients can fully trust her medically-informed treatments.


Debora takes great pride in delivering her services with honesty, transparency and compassion, which is backed by her extensive medical knowledge honed through her years of experience in hospital emergency departments and critical care / trauma clinics. Over the years, Debora has helped thousands of people overcome trauma and illnesses, but it is her own experience of coping with trauma that became the catalyst for swapping patients for clients and Emergency Department wards for a skincare practice.

Following the sudden passing of her son Kian in 2015 and after much soul searching and being no longer able to work in a trauma ward herself, Debora found a new passion that married her nursing and medical expertise with her love of helping people to feel better and so KT Skin Rejuvenation was born.


Built with a unique focus and understanding of anatomy, KT Skin Rejuvenation offers clients a full consultative process to address individual insecurities. With a focus on offering natural looking results, Debora offers only caring professional treatments, that have your best interests at heart and who's only agenda is to see you walk away smiling.

Debora's Nurse Practitioner experience and combined with her qualifications in Skin Cancer and Mole Checking, KT Skin Rejuvenation provides services not just for skin beauty and rejuvenation, but also for overall skin health.


Debora strives to ensure that all her clients are not only happy with their treatment, but with an increased sense of overall well-being, self-esteem and confidence.


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